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Are you tired of the merry-go-round of repeat unwanted experiences? Discover the 4 spiritual steps you can take to change your life today!

Order today!  The Peephole Effect: Perception is Everything    



Did you know that journaling can be a powerful spiritual practice? You can harness the creative power of the universe through journal writing!

Order today! Journal Like God: Harness The Creative Power of the Universe Through Journal Writing


SEPTEMBER 17 – Practitioner of the Day at Triangle Center for Spiritual Living

(Services at 8:45am and 10:45am)
Address: 559 Jones Franklin Road, Raleigh, NC 27616
Maryann  will be lead Practitioner of the Day this Sunday 9/17 at the Triangle Center for Spiritual Living and I invite you to attend one of the services! There are 2 services: 8:45am and 10:45am. I will offer an invocation, share a reading and offer blessings and announcements throughout the service. Please join me if you are in the Raleigh, NC area.

SEPTEMBER 24 – Delivering sermon at CSL Graham
Address: 309 S Maple Street, Graham, NC
Maryann will deliver the sermon “Cold, Hard, Cash – Prosperity is a Spiritual Idea” followed by a prosperity workshop. Service begins at 11am. (meditation before at 10:30am)

OCTOBER 5 – Lecture/Workshop: Journal Like God at Oasis Carr Mill
7pm – 8pm
Address: 200 N Greensboro St, Carrboro, NC 27510

This workshop is based upon the new thought book “Journal Like God: Harness the Creative Power of the Universe Through Journal Writing.” Do you believe your personal journal is private? It is not – the Universe is reading it! Learn how to use spiritual principles to turn your personal journal into a powerful life-changing tool.  Often, we write in our journals without giving thought or consideration to our state of consciousness at the time. Using the 10 core attributes of Spirit, you can

OCTOBER 3 Workshop: Perception as a Powerful Spiritual Tool – (@ Maryann’s virtual classroom at The Wellness Universe Learn-it-live)

Location: On-line The Wellness Universe – Learn-it-Live
Description: Discover the four spiritual steps you can put to work in your favor to create a life of joy, prosperity and loving relationships.
CLICK here to register: Discover the Power of Perception

OCTOBER 13 – Appearing on Blogtalk radio program (5pm EST) To The Stars Through Adversity, hosted by Svetlana Kim

OCTOBER 17 – Peace Booth at the NC State Fair!! (7-9mpm at the State Fairgrounds!)


OCTOBER 20 – Maryann will Host the screening of the film As A Man Thinketh
Location: Triangle Center for Spiritual Living
Address: 559 Jones Franklin Road, Raleigh, NC 27616
Time: 7PM – 8:30PM

OCTOBER 27 – Maryann will Host the screening of the film As A Man Thinketh
Location: Oasis in Carr Mill
Address: 200 N Greensboro St, Carrboro, NC 27510
Time: 7pm – 8:30pm EST


Workshops & Classes

Maryann hosts workshops & classes on spiritual topics including: prosperity/abundance, the power of our thoughts, New Thought principles and more.

To book Maryann to facilitate a workshop or class at your Center or organization please contact:



As part of my mission to help others recognize and use their divine potential, I have created workshops to deliver the message. My workshops are designed to take the students through specific spiritual principles and discover how they are manifesting in their lives. They are encouraged through group discussions and/or worksheets to learn an apply the material they are learning. I deliver workshops either in-person or remotely through Zoom or the Wellness Universe Learn-it-Live website. My workshops include the following:

  • The Peephole Effect Workshop
  • The Big “But” Workshop – based upon “Get Your Big But Out of the Way” article
  • All Things Are Possible Through God/Spirit Workshop
  • Journal Like God Workshop
  • Discover Your Divine Potential Workshop
  • Prosperity Workshop
  • Oneness Workshop


Spiritual Strategy Session (*fee available upon request)

Did you know that every problem has a spiritual solution?

A Spiritual Strategy Session is one in which the Practitioner meets with the client to discuss a particular problem or situation in which a spiritual solution sought. Many clients are seeking answers or expansion in such areas as health, finances, career, creativity, or relationships. Others just seek spiritual support while navigating life changes. Still others simply seek support in keeping their vibrations high regarding gratitude, divine right order and trust in Spirit (God.)

Maryann is trained to listen to concerns, uncover limiting beliefs and offer loving prayers in accordance with co-creative spiritual principles of new thought. Maryann uses her deep, heart centered approach that allows the client to explore and empower their authentic self! Spiritual law states that the answer to any problem is within the individual.

A session begins in prayer, continues to dialogue followed by a spiritual discussion and concludes with affirmative prayer. Sessions are done by telephone or zoom.

What is Affirmative Prayer?
Affirmative Prayer is based on a Spiritual Law that states what a person truly believes in their conscious and subconscious minds (not what they wish for or imagine) is what is made manifest in their daily lives. These conditions can be good or bad in nature, which is insignificant in the application of the Law – simply because thoughts combined with strongly held beliefs and feelings become things. If someone wishes to change their circumstances, then they must change their position in, and use of, this Law. A Practitioner is trained to uncover false beliefs and replace them with spiritual truths of a positive, loving, and true nature. Affirmative Prayer and its benefits are available to everyone at all times.

The change of consciousness occurs within a person’s mind, not without – although the changes are demonstrated outwardly after the inner consciousness has been changed. Affirmative Prayer is not praying to or begging a man, a deity, or God to grant favor.

If you have never attended a Spiritual Strategy Session before, you are in for a unique, empowering experience!

Call Maryann today at: 646-675-3297 or email for more information and to schedule your individualized session today!





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