You Can’t Fool the Universe

The Truth About Lying
By Maryann Patalano, Licensed RScP

Are you a truthful person?  Being truthful involves being truthful to yourself and others – in all ways.   People often find themselves surrounded by liars, and end up dealing with deceitful or spiteful situations.  And in many cases they have no idea how they got there.  However, there is a law in the universe that states that what you put out comes back to you.   This includes all thoughts, actions and beliefs you put out there about yourself.

People often think being truthful is simply being honest externally.  For example, they are honest with their creditors, honest in their relationships, honest at work, honest with regards to local laws  — essentially a solid citizen.  But there may be one person to whom they are continuously lying– themselves!

The effect of putting lies out into the universe does not distinguish between lying to yourself or to others.   Here are some examples of lying to, deceiving, or betraying yourself that will reap the same in kind:

  • eating to excess in private (hurting yourself)
  • drinking alcohol in excess (hurting yourself)
  • excessive smoking of cigarettes (hurting yourself)
  • not getting enough sleep (sleep deprivation)
  • pretending to be happy (at work, in a relationship, etc.)
  • lying about your accomplishments
  • lying to yourself about your past
  • overlooking egregious behavior in others
  • not listening to or trusting your intuition
  • nasty, berating thoughts about yourself such as “I am unattractive”, “I am overweight”, “I am stupid”, “everyone else is better than me”, “I don’t deserve the best”
  • settling for something or someone when you really desire something more
  • telling yourself you will do something tomorrow (procrastinating) when you know you won’t
  • spending too much money and knowingly putting yourself in debt

The list goes on and on.   You cannot escape the effects of the above thoughts and behaviors.   If you lie to yourself, you will be lied to.   If you betray yourself, others will betray you.  The only way to stop the unwanted effects from manifesting in your life is to stop the cause – which is your own thoughts and beliefs.   You must identify and believe in the opposite to experience the opposite effect.   It’s that simple.

Unwanted people and circumstances will eventually disappear from your world, providing you stop perpetuating their existence.   Yes, when YOU stop perpetuating their existence.   It can be difficult to accept that there is a Law of Mind (or of God, Universal Intelligence, Energy, Love or whatever you choose to call “it”).   This law states that we live in a reciprocal universe.   This means that whatever combined energy/feelings/beliefs we hold internally will be made manifest externally as well.   There is no fooling the Universe; it is impossible to do so.

This reciprocal universe exists and is in operation in everyone’s life, without exception, whether or not they are aware of it or believe in its existence.  (A similar analogy would be to say that the law of gravity is always in operation in our lives and experience, regardless of our awareness or belief in it).     So now that you are aware of this cause and effect within experience, you can make conscious choices about how you use the precious and exacting universal energy that is your essence and is available to you at all times.   A sound approach is to take a good (and honest!) look at your life circumstances including your relationships, your finances, your household, etc.    Can you identify areas, people or things that are displeasing to you?   If so, carefully examine your true and deep beliefs surrounding these aspects of your life.   When you identify the causative beliefs you can make a conscious effort to replace them with a spiritual truth and begin to have the new belief manifest itself within your life.  The following are some new beliefs that, once adopted by you, can and will change the circumstances of your life:

  • God (Spirit/Universal Intelligence/Love/Source, etc.) is all good and includes beauty, harmony, infinite intelligence, peace, love, abundance and divine right action.
  • God (Spirit/Universal Intelligence/Love/Source) is everywhere present.
  • Since God is everywhere present, then God is right where I am – in, around and through me at all times).
  • Everything is always happening for my higher good.
  • Intuition is God communicating to me.
  • Intuition, (God communicating directly to me), is always correct.
  • Now is all that exists.
  • Another word for God is “Love”.
  • I choose to treat myself in a loving way so that I will experience loving circumstances.

The positive statements are endless, and they are very simple.   Would your life appear differently if you stopped betraying yourself and others with untrue and negative beliefs and replaced them with one or more of these instead?    The truth is that the best life has to offer can be yours.   Your life can be whatever you choose for it to be, believe it or not!

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