By Maryann Patalano, Licensed RSCP


Spirit. Source. Love. Loving intelligence. Energy. Infinite intelligence. Mind. Universe. All of these words are interchangeable alternatives for “God”. Spiritual principle states that God is everywhere present.  This means that God is located wherever you are – at all times.  You are on God’s path. There is no other path.

New Thought teachers and practitioners often refer to being guided by a spiritual “GPS” or “God’s Positioning System.” This analogy is typically used when relating to our life events – the difficult ones and the joyous ones alike. So how do we know that this GPS is working, what evidence assures us that we are on the path?  Most people are surprised by the answer.

Regardless of what you may think, there is only one true thing taking place at all times: the life of Spirit.

We are all guided by intuition and feelings.  Subconsciously, we know right from wrong. We have been given the gift of free will to choose how we will live our lives. On an inner level, we know which thoughts or actions will serve ourselves and others in positive ways. If a thought or action leaves you feeling positive – enlightened, lovely, loving, free, and happy then you have made a beneficial choice. However, free will also allows us to choose poorly. Poor choices are usually based upon fear (of making a wrong choice), doubt (in the power of good/God) or ignorance (to our true nature as emanations of Spirit).  In these instances, we find that we suffer mentally, physically or spiritually. This serves as a signal from Spirit to course correct and to avoid suffering further, it is important to recognize this and act accordingly.

I invite you to examine your life in and to identify some times or circumstances wherein you KNEW you were on God’s path. How did you know?  How did you feel?  Likely you felt a great love for yourself and others. 

You may remember a time of great prosperity, wherein you felt a great energy pulsing in and throughout your life, pushing you forward in glorious ways. It may have been at a time when you discovered a new romantic relationship.  Everything appeared differently… a bit brighter, more alive, more lovely. During times such as these, you likely experienced a sense of assuredness and power. You were overcome with a belief that nothing could go wrong; a sense of connection to goodness and to Spirit. You were on the path! God’s Positioning System at work!

Alternatively, I invite you to examine your life and to identify some circumstances in which you believed you ventured off-the-path –  into the weeds. Perhaps it was an experience at your workplace (poor performance report, dysfunctional work environment, nasty co-workers. Perhaps it was during a break-up of a romantic relationship. Were you feeling abandoned by God? Perhaps you felt off the path during a time of illness, or while experiencing a sense of regret over a decision that you made.

In contrast to the elation felt during positive experiences, during times of despair everything SEEMS TO BE WRONG!! Our small-self or ego perspective tells us that we have stumbled into the weeds, thorns and darkness. You feel as if you are not on God’s path anymore; you believe you are separate and alone. 

A belief in separation is often preceded by choosing a fearful action or thought. We do this because we experience one of the following emotions or feelings and subsequently attach ourselves to them:








            Emotional exhaustion


Guess what? Despite believing otherwise, you are still on God’s path. You never left it – not even for a second – because Spirit is everywhere and in every circumstance. This means that, although appearances suggest otherwise, is it impossible to be separated from your Source. Rest assured that God’s Positioning System is still active in your life. You can tap into your intuition and surrender your fears to God at any time.

Spiritual principle also teaches us that there is no precedence in Spirit and that the Universe is always working towards our good. We are always stepping upward and onward on our path; whether we realize it or not.  There is a perfection in the out-picture of our lives. People often dismiss the notion that suffering or unwanted circumstances can be perfect. How can pain be perfect? Under these circumstances, it is important to remember that the concept of “perfection” does not refer to the likeness of a perfect-cut diamond, or a perfect circle.  Rather it is a perfect mirror reflection (you may call it good or bad) of your inner thoughts/beliefs and a logical outcome of your actions.  In that way it is perfect and exact. If you mentally reflect back on your life you will undoubtedly recognize the truth in this. Once again the spiritual GPS allows you to recognize what has served you and what has not.

We have all heard people express that they would not change a single thing from their past, not even the misery or hardships they have experienced, because something good always comes of it. “It made me who I am today,” is a common expression from those who have made it through a traumatic event. An understanding and a knowing came out of it.

This answers the following question: why do we suffer?  The answer is because we have been given free will to choose our thoughts and actions, which in-turn may cause suffering.  However, the gift of growth will accompany it because it is in the recognition of CONTRAST that we learn to make better choices. Again, the spiritual GPS at work.

Each new day, and every moment contained within it presents a NEW OPPORTUNITY to consciously choose wisely as we live our lives.  How do we choose wisely?  It’s simple – choose loving, positive thoughts or actions over fearful, negative ones. And remember that God’s Positioning System is always guiding you along the path and leading you onward!