What Can Affirmative Prayer Do For You?

Did you know that every problem has a spiritual solution?

As a Licensed RScP (Spiritual Practitioner) I offer Spiritual Strategy Sessions to my clients. A session is one in which I meet with the client for about 1 hour by telephone or zoom, to discuss a particular problem or situation in which a spiritual solution sought. Many clients are seeking answers or expansion in such areas as health, finances, career, creativity, or relationships. Others just seek spiritual support while navigating life changes. Still others simply seek support in keeping their vibrations high regarding gratitude, divine right order and trust in Spirit (God.)

I am trained to listen to concerns, uncover limiting beliefs and offer loving prayers in accordance with co-creative spiritual principles of new thought. I use my deep, heart centered approach that allows the client to explore and empower their authentic self! Spiritual law states that the answer to any problem is within the individual.

A session begins in prayer, continues to dialogue followed by a spiritual discussion and concludes with a personalized, specific, and unique affirmative prayer.

What is Affirmative Prayer?

Affirmative Prayer is based on a Spiritual Law that states what a person truly believes in their conscious and subconscious minds (not what they wish for or imagine) is what is made manifest in their daily lives. These conditions can be good or bad in nature, which is insignificant in the application of the Law – simply because thoughts combined with strongly held beliefs and feelings become things. If someone wishes to change their circumstances, then they must change their position in, and use of, this Law. A Practitioner is trained to uncover false beliefs and replace them with spiritual truths of a positive, loving, and true nature. Affirmative Prayer and its benefits are available to everyone at all times.

The change of consciousness occurs within a person’s mind, not without – although the changes are demonstrated outwardly after the inner consciousness has been changed. Affirmative Prayer is not praying to or begging a man, a deity, or God to grant favor.

Believe it or not, everyone is in a continuous state of prayer, simply because we are always thinking, believing, and feeling. If your notion of prayer is to recite memorized words, or to beg and beseech a man in the sky to grant you favors, you will not understand true prayer. I submit a different concept of prayer. Effective prayer is a mental, deliberate act of aligning your consciousness with God (good) and speaking affirmatively from that point.

You may soon realize that ALL prayers are answered based upon whatever a person is deeply thinking, feeling, and believing at the time of prayer. If you pray from a feeling of desperation combined with a belief in separation from God, the outcome of that prayer will be desperation and separation. Similarly, if you pray from a feeling of confidence, positivity, and oneness with Source, the outcome must be positive and good (God).
Affirmative Prayer is a creative prayer focused on cultivating an awareness of Spirit and a deep knowing or feeling of spiritual truth.

Technically there are five steps, of which I am trained to utilize in an effective manner. Through the conversation during the session with my client, we contemplate which attribute of God I will pray on. This would be the purpose of the prayer. I often say “pray on,” not “pray for,” because to pray for something implies it is missing and you have to obtain it or be granted it. Rather, with Affirmative Prayer you would pray on and recognize the already present good (God) even though it may not be visible to you at the moment. To pray on something is to declare its presence. Affirmative Prayer is spontaneous (not scripted).

The five steps of Affirmative Prayer are:

1) Recognition. Recognize that God/Spirit/Universal Intelligence is everywhere.
2) Unification. Because God is everywhere, you are one with God. Speak of and feel your oneness.
3) Realization. Speak into reality your desired good (combined with an attribute(s) of God) and realize the awesomeness of Spirit responsible for it. Realize that God’s attributes are within you now and always.
4) Thanksgiving. Grateful acceptance of your good. Know that it is done. Be grateful for the Truth of your being; thankful for the Truth about Spirit.
5) Release. Spirit’s got this! Let your words go into the (reciprocal) law that says, Yes! Let God.

Upon completing the five steps, I will often say “AND SO IT IS!” This is a declaration of the firm belief that my words are true and already manifest in the mind of God.

This type of prayer will produce a strong feeling and knowing of God’s greatness and power within and around you. Keep this feeling close to your heart and in your mind. Through this type of prayer, your consciousness becomes an open vessel to the love and wisdom of Spirit. You will be utterly amazed at the awesome changes that will occur in your mind, body, Spirit and outside circumstances. Try it!

As a metaphysician, I realize that my mind, my thoughts, and my consciousness are a precious and powerful part of God’s mind. I am very joyful that this is so.

If you have never attended a Spiritual Strategy Session before, you are in for a unique, empowering experience!

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