I Changed My Life to Become a Spiritual Leader


My Journey from Being a Single Mother Working at IBM to Becoming a Spiritual Leader


Several years ago, after 16 years working at IBM, I quit my job to focus on being a Spiritual Practitioner (RScP). I felt a divine inner calling to become a Practitioner and bring the miraculous power of New Thought spiritual teachings  to everyone who wishes to make changes in their lives by using Divine Law.  Teaching spiritual principles is my new career!

A Practitioner is person who takes the courses and does the required inner and outer spiritual work to become licensed.   The Centers for Spiritual Living defines a Practitioner as, “one who endeavors to heal themselves and others through the creative power of Mind and the ever availability of Good.  Practitioners are individuals who have been trained in the art, skill and science of Affirmative Prayer.  A practitioner seeks to demonstrate the power of spiritual realization in everyday affairs and believes in Divine guidance.  A Practitioner sees through whatever condition someone is facing to the spiritual truth of your being, bringing about a change in the circumstance.  Practitioners are licensed to practice professionally, and are bound by a high code of ethics to respect your privacy.”

New Thought spiritual principles changed and enhanced my entire life.   Eleven years ago, I left my family and friends behind and moved from New York to North Carolina to provide a better life for my 3 year old daughter.   I was divorced and my child’s father had moved to Florida shortly after she was born.  I worked as an Administrative Assistant at IBM, bought a house and settled into living in beautiful Cary, North Carolina.   Cary was one of the best places to live in America.  Outwardly, it appeared my life was great– a beautiful child, a beautiful little home, a “great job”, a reliable car, plenty of money to not struggle – however, I was not fulfilled spiritually.   I was employed as an Assistant to one of the of highest level executives at IBM but the job was completely unfulfilling.  I did, however, recognize the job as a blessing as it did provide financially for me and my daughter.

Life in North Carolina was great, but not without its pitfalls.   Almost immediately upon moving to North Carolina, my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy.  Also, after living a quiet peaceful life there for about year, my peace was totally destroyed when I witnessed a freak shooting that occurred on my cul-de-sac.  Shortly thereafter, due to the traumatic memories, I sold my house and moved to another neighborhood.

I was enjoying living in my new neighborhood, my daughter’s epilepsy went away and I was doing great at my corporate job.   I was single and dating – but dating men that did not enhance my life and even brought negativity to it. Growing up, my father was a strong, wealthy, Italian-American, Roman Catholic man.  I was the only girl of five children, so I had my own idea about what a man should “be” like and I was not meeting anyone that lived up to that idea.  I wanted to meet a very specific type of man that I could relate to in deep emotional, physical and spiritual ways.  I wanted to have a fairytale love story, but that alluded me. I was staying strong and giving my daughter the best possible life – good public schools, dance classes and guitar lessons.

In the meantime, I fell upon NewThought teachings.  I began to regularly attend Wednesday and Sunday Services at the Triangle Center for Spiritual Living in Raleigh.  Six years ago, I started taking classes at the Center.  Everything I learned in class, I already knew – intuitively. I gave gave myself permission to listen to my intuition which told me that I was a powerful co-creator with Spirit.  For example, the concept that “thoughts are things” and there exists a “collective consciousness” and God is everywhere present – that means God is right where you are – in and through you. I went on to take more classes and I became entirely immersed in New Thought teachings.

My inner life and outer life changed completely in the few years since I declared that I would become a Practitioner.  Using the principles I learned about, I met and married my Soul Mate (a fairytale love story!)  After quitting IBM, I founded “The Answer Within” an organization which focuses on assisting others reach their highest potential and live a life of choice through spiritual principles. I overcame a long history of limiting beliefs and as a result experienced an upgrade in every aspect of my life – including my finances, relationships and my spiritual awareness.  I wish to share my joy of knowing and applying these principles by teaching them to others, so they can build a life that includes learning how they co-create with the Universe through infinite potential and love.

My husband has been a great blessing and has taught me more about the meaning of love, generosity and selflessness.  In all ways, my life reflects the love and abundance of Spirit.  I stand as an example of what applying spiritual principles to your life can do. I

This work is my life’s calling.  And so it is!

(*UPDATE NOTE:  Since this was originally posted, my life has changed in even more dramatic ways.  I published my first book, my written worked has appeared in New Thought Magazine, Science of Mind magazine and websites throughout the world. I was also honored to be named an Inspirational Luminary by Inspire Me Today. I spoke at the INTA World Congress in July, and I have been interviewed by several on-line radio programs about my spiritual journey and the contents of my book. I am also working on my second book. I am now District President, International New Thought Alliance. Remember – anything is possible through Spirit!)