Express Your Divine DNA!

(Page 26 & 27) Winter 2016 Edition of New Thought Magazine

Express Your Divine DNA!  (By Maryann Patalano, RScP)

Divine Inheritance

Have you ever contemplated the fact that there are over seven billion people on this planet and more are being born every day? Each and every day, babies are born in every corner of every continent; New York, Sydney, Prague, Jamaica, China, Chile, Kenya, Russia. The sheer numbers are daunting.

Consider this, all newborns have four things in common:

1) They have inherited the DNA of their biological parents (permanent)

2) Their consciousness and belief systems will be influenced by what- ever and whomever is surrounding around them as they grow and mature (subject to change)

3) They are each an original blessing (permanent)

4) Each has inherited Divine DNA (permanent)

Human DNA contains codes that determine a person’s height, eye color, hair, skin tone, etc. The effects of the expression of these genes in DNA are permanent. For example, I will always possess the genetic code that produced brown eyes and brown hair to be expressed, despite any cosmetic procedures I apply to myself. Most of us have little difficulty accepting this fact. It’s obvious and apparent. Following this line of reasoning, I urge you to consider the effects of Divine DNA that are permanently present in each of us as well.

Divine DNA contains the “spiritual codes” to express the following traits: intuition, Love, Spirit, right action, knowing, peace, beauty, harmony, abundance, and perfection among many others. The DNA of Source energy is everywhere present. This is the energy and intelligence that underlies the universe which includes everything that is seen and unseen. Under the right mental conditions of acceptance any and all of these traits can be expressed and manifested into the human experience.

However, the simple truth is that everyone is subject to the race thought or cultural belief system that surrounds them—particularly as they are growing up. Cultural beliefs often do not align with the Truth about oneself and the universe. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that New Thought principle states that there exists universal laws of mind that transcend our cultural environment, such as:

  • Thoughts combined with belief become things
• Whatever you mentally focus on will increase
 Heaven (or the kingdom of good) is available to everyone now by right of their own consciousness
  • God is all good
  • Every person is an eternally beloved emanation of the Divine
  • Divine Intelligence is infinite; infinite potential exists now

Why is this important? Because whatever is present in your life, good, bad or indifferent is the result of your acceptance or rejection of the above laws. If, upon reflection, you feel that the cause of many of your beliefs are simply the result of your physical location, be it your birth- place or current residence, it would be wise to examine these beliefs to make certain they are producing the results you truly seek. For example, it occurred to me that if one were to take a 1-week old baby born in Biloxi, Mississippi and raise him in England as a member of the Royal Family; then that child would grow up with a set of beliefs and values that mirror those found in English society. Realizing this, I began to question the validity of all the beliefs and values that I received throughout my life that were based solely upon my physical location. I was not born into a bad environment or a bad family, but the simple fact is that the circumstances and beliefs surrounding me influenced my entire life. Some ideas and customs served me well; however, some created difficult situations and painful experiences.

Have a New Thought!

Once we accept that thoughts combined with belief create our experiences, we can apply simple logic and change our circumstances by changing our thoughts and beliefs. We must ask ourselves what belief is manifesting as an unwanted condition. Once we identify the belief, we must identify a spiritual truth or trait that is the opposite of the offending circumstance. For example, if you find yourself constantly experiencing financial difficulties, then you may identify this as the belief responsible:

“There is a limit to how much money I can earn, I will always struggle.”

You can apply a spiritual truth to this belief to dispel it and incorporate a different belief into your conscious- ness, which in turn, will produce different circumstances. For example, you can cultivate an awareness that tells you that a quality/trait of God (or the universe) is abundance. Intuitively, we all know that God cannot struggle or experience lack. Struggle does not exist as a reality to Spirit; it’s non-existent. Therefore, since you have inherited the DNA of the Divine, the following statement is true:

“There is unlimited abundance of good and money available to me. I am abundance. It is with grace and ease that I accept it now.”

Upon accepting this new statement as a belief, it is helpful to realize that there is no past or precedence in Spirit (there is only the “now”). This tells us that whatever conditions existed for you before this moment are irrelevant to the possibilities that exist now. Many people often find that current or past circumstances influence their ability to think or believe past a certain point. It is at this critical juncture that one’s consciousness and thoughts must go directly to the Truth about Spirit. Focusing on and accepting Truth will increase your awareness and experience of it. This step is imperative to affect changes within a particular circumstance. Without this conscious mental action, no measurable or lasting change can occur.

To experience the best that life has to offer, I would encourage every- one to live their lives from a conscious awareness and acceptance of their Divine inheritance! ✭


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