Imagine That!


Imagine That!

Start 2019 off with positive energy and a focus on what you want from life. This workshop is designed to help you decide how you want the new year to look and use the creative power of your IMAGINATION to make it happen!


 The workshop will include:


-Bless and release 2018 and make room for a fantastic 2019!

-What is your imagination?

-How and why is your imagination creative?

-Learn ways to increase the capacity and creativity of your individual imagination

-Learn how to FEEL IT REAL according to Neville Goddard.

-Choose your intentions for 2019 and step into them

-Conversation on how to stay motivated in order to imagine 2019 as the best year of your life!

WHEN:  Saturday, Dec 15th @ 11am EST

WHERE:  On-line at The Wellness Universe Learn-it-Live


Did you know that your imagination can be used to create your reality?  Neville Goddard was a mystic and new thought pioneer who was born in 1905 in Barbados and died in 1972.  He was a prolific writer and lecturer whose works include, “Feeling Is The Secret”, “The Power of Awareness”, “Awakened Imagination”, “Prayer – The Art of Believing” and many, many other inspirational works that explain and describe the innate, God-given, creative ability we each are endowed with.  In fact, each and every one of us use this ability constantly, we cannot escape it – it is responsible for our current and past circumstances and experiences.  However, too often, we are not aware that we are using it and we go forward and create unwanted circumstances.  We all have an imagination – let’s learn to use it our advantage!

In my opinion, “At Your Command”, by Neville is the most powerful, mystical, and metaphysical book I have ever read. It is my pleasure to introduce his work and creative techniques to others.  Please join me on December 15th as we take a journey into our own imaginations and begin to create the life of our dreams!