Journal Like God – INTRODUCTION



Some of us have been journaling since we were old enough to write, but others are new to the practice. Some have a New Year’s tradition of recording their resolutions and wishes for the upcoming year in a fresh new journal. Many of us have received beautiful, blank journals as gifts or mementos. Some of these journals have beautiful covers made of leather, are adorned with colorful images and filled with inviting paper. They seem so full of possibility and are begging to be filled with our handwritten thoughts, ideas, and dreams.

Over the years, many people have been encouraged to journal for therapeutic, spiritual, or purely pleasurable purposes. Therapists, authors, and inspirational leaders all tout the benefits of journaling. Oprah Winfrey has kept a journal for decades. Since she was a young child she has written about her lifetime experiences. In later years, her journal became one of gratitude wherein she wrote about things she was grateful for, as a way to increase the good in her life. Dr. Phil advocates the practice of writing down thoughts and feelings for the purpose of compiling a Personal Concepts profile, or a Relationship Behavior profile. Deepak Chopra recommends a gratitude journal for healing.

I agree that journaling can be beneficial in a myriad of ways. However, many of us unwittingly write journal entries that originate from our Lowest Self (ego) and therefore these entries actually vibrate at a very low, limited frequency. This may cause unwanted circumstances to arise in our experience. If you have been writing in your journals without consciousknowledge of universal spiritual laws, you may be directing the Universe (or God) to respond in a manner that you never intended. This book’s purpose is to assist you in learning about spiritual laws and principles and how they can be used to write from the highest frequency: your Highest Self, from God’s perspective.

You can learn to journal like God!


Unfortunately, almost everyone believes (as I had) that journals are private. But they are not! It would be nice to believe that writing in your journal is a private act; a haven where you can go to release everything you perceive about yourself or others without consequence. Such is not the case. In fact, it could not be further from the truth.

Let’s assume that you keep your journals under lock and key, with a certainty that no person will ever read them. The truth is, they are still being read and made known. You may ask, “By whom?” The answer is:  the Universe. The Universe is not only reading your journal, it is taking creative and directional cues from it!

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