While researching this book I discovered what many people have concluded: there is a direct link between journal entries and our experiences. Please consider the following examples, which are a mix of actual client and hypothetical/composite experiences. Names and minor details have been changed to protect privacy.

Pedro’s Shark Attack

I present to you a client who discovered that his core beliefs and attitudes had contributed to a dreadful, terrifying physical experience – a shark attack! This wonderful man, whom I will call Pedro, was enjoying a Saturday afternoon out at a nearby beach with his college friends. He was engaged in a swim race against his buddies when he suddenly felt something hard bump against him, followed by incredible pain and a burning sensation on his thigh and knee area. He realized he had been attacked by a shark and panicked.

Despite being in a state of sheer terror, he coincidently kicked the shark sharply on its nose and it swam away providing just enough time for his friends and others to get him to safety. Afterwards, the entire episode was a blur to him. However, the feelings associated with the vicious nature of the attack, and the unnerving realization that it had occurred without warning, were indelibly clear to him. He was terrified by the idea that while he was enjoying the swim race, he had no idea of the danger that existed in the dark, just below the surface.

When he examined his journals – still feeling shocked and bewildered – he realized that they contained a theme of jealousy toward his college friends. He often wrote about how he struggled to keep his grades up, and how he envied the other guys in his group because they were able to effortlessly manage their time, classes, work, and families in a way that he could not. In particular, he believed that everyone else’s success magnified his shortcomings. On an inner level he was jealous and mean-spirited toward his friends.

After rereading his journal entries, Pedro realized that he actually hated and resented his friends. He suddenly understood that on a metaphysical level, the shark was himself! He was the dangerous one in his group of friendsWhile pretending to be friendly, happy, and caring, in reality he was mentally bashing and attacking himself and others. The energy he had put forth into the Universe had come back to bite him. It became clear to him that he had reaped as he had sowed in consciousness. The scar on his leg became a permanent reminder that he must vigilantly watch his thoughts and deeds. The shark attack made perfect sense now.