Journey to the 101st INTA World Congress

By Maryann Patalano, Licensed RScP, New Thought Leader

I experienced something divine and spectacular last week. I was honored to speak at the International New Thought Alliance (INTA) World Congress in Phoenix, Arizona – as a New Thought Ambassador. My passion for New Thought principles, combined with the message of love and co-creation found in my book, Journal Like God, resonated with INTA and the theme of the World Congress, “A New Era in New Thought.” As a result, they asked me to deliver a workshop around these themes.

The experience was nothing short of divine as I called it forth into my experience by aligning my consciousness to the creative nature of Spirt (or God) that dwells inside each of us. The event was spectacular because I met a multitude of extraordinary individuals who are just as passionate as I am about living life with a conscious awareness of oneself as an emanation of God.

Although I recognize that each day brings amazing blessings, it’s always a thrill to see the Universe delivering forth manifestations from seeds of belief and faith which I planted in the Mind of God a long time ago. I had accepted the title of New Thought Ambassador long before it was a reality in my experience. That is the key to manifestation – acceptance.

Other keys to manifestation are patience and trust – in God. This requires you to cultivate a knowing that all is well and that everything will occur (and is occurring) in perfect Divine Right order. It’s not my duty to dictate how it will happen – I must simply have an unwaivering belief that, through Spirit, it will (otherwise, known as “surrender”).

Several years ago, although I was studying to become a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (4 years of study), there was nothing in my life that suggested I would go on to write a spiritual book, deliver sermons, become a New Thought Ambassador, and act as an instrument of Spirit through teaching and speaking. At that time, I felt a divine inner calling that my mission in life would be to deliver the good news – that everyone is a divine, magnificent emanation of Spirit!

I personally had no idea how this would occur. However, I trusted this inner calling – I had faith. I began to believe that it was so – there was no doubt in my mind that it would come to pass in my experience.  I applied the Spiritual Law of Reciprocity, which states whatever you feel most strongly about and put out into the Universe with word, thought, deed or belief will ultimately come back to roost in your experience. This law responds to “good” or “bad” thoughts alike –  therefore, it became evident to me that I must only dwell upon good and infinite potential in order for me to have those attributes comprise my experience. So that is exactly what I did.  I said “yes!” to the inner calling and declared to the Universe (and to my Practitioner class!) that I would become “a beacon of light” and bring the New Thought message to the world!

One of the most amazing things about the Law of Reciprocity in action is that the Universe always delivers more blessings to you (and to all others involved) than your limited mind can possibly imagine! The reason for this phenomena (at least it appears to be a “phenomena”, but it is actually natural, divine right order) is that our small ego/human minds cannot conceive beyond a certain point. However, when we surrender to and allow the infinite Source that is within and around us to “steer the ship” it knows exactly where to go for maximum benefit for all involved.

That being said, while I was attending the INTA conference I was blessed in more ways than I can count. The beauty of Arizona sings a spiritual song. It was very easy for me to get centered spiritually being surrounded by the overwhelming beauty and peace of nature that exist there.  In addition, I was thrilled meet people from all over the world who were on their own divine journeys and who shared an understanding of New Thought principles.

The genuine feelings of love and acceptance were palpable. Each speaker delivered messages that glorified the “loving, mysterious, creative energy” that permeates this Universe.  Our hearts were uplifted in recognizing our true nature as emanations of Spirit – which in turn uplifts the entire world, since Truth known anywhere is known everywhere!

I am particularly grateful to have met the loving, gracious Hospitality Committee Chair, Rev. DonnaChristine Park, a beam of light and love!  It was also a tremendous honor and pleasure to meet the INTA CEO, Dr. Blaine Mays – who emanates a distinct energy field of unconditional love and peace. Regrettably, I cannot name everyone who attended but I would like to express my profound pleasure in meeting President of INTA,  Larry Swartz, Rev. George Harris and the lovely Rev. Mimi Ronnie, among so many others.

One of the most memorable introductions was to Jon Miller, an Executive Board Member of INTA, and a very talented writer, director, producer and musician. As a speaker he posed several of his own introspective questions with regard to spiritual growth and spiritual “distractions.” Such as – what is my relationships with a perceived obstacle? How do I interact with it it? Is there a different way to interact with it? He also shared a wonderful song called “Overcoming Power,” which identifies the loving, inner power that overcomes all negative circumstance. Jon’s most recent films include “What is New Thought?” and “A New Thought, A New You.” Jon was busy throughout the conference interviewing attendees, including myself, for his next film project, which is sure to rock the world!

I left the Congress feeling a renewed sense of purpose, and remain absolutely certain that my participation was part of the Divine plan that I surrendered to so long ago.

And so it is!

Update: May 2017

I am now also a New Thought Influencer, my show Power, Perception & You! will debut in June and I just released my second book, The Peephole Effect: Perception is Everything. I will also be appearing in Jon Miller’s new film As a Man Thinketh which will be released Fall 2017. (more information about the film can be found at this link: