Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

The Mirror answers, “You.”

Ernest Holmes, writing in The Science of Mind, states “Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.” A mirror does not have an agenda. It will reflect back to you a perfect image of whatever you hold before it. If you were to place a dead rat in front of a mirror, it would create a perfect reflection of it back to you. This reflection would occur without question or argument from the mirror. It cannot reject or judge whatever is placed before it. In that way it acts as a “blind” force.

Similarly, if you were to choose to remove the rat and place a dozen red roses in front of the same mirror, it would reflect the beauty of the roses back to you. There would be no judgment or preference about the flowers or the rat on the part of the mirror. The Universal Mind or God works in the same way. In this analogy, you are at choice through free will (cause) as to what is placed before the mirror (law).  The mirror itself is Universal Mind and the reflection produced is your physical or circumstantial experience (effect). In order for the reflection (effect) to change, you must make a conscious choice to provide a different “thing” to be acted upon by the mirror’s abilityto reflect (create).

Another way to explain the reflective nature of this Universe is through the New Thought concept that we live in a reciprocal Universe – the “Law of Reciprocity.”  Reciprocal is defined as “Given, felt, or done in return.” Metaphysical speaking, this Law tells us that what we give out comes back to us, and no one is immune. This is not a new concept however, as The Bible tells us, “You will reap as you sow.”

What does this mean? The mechanics of this law are responsible for the positive and negative circumstances we experience. Just like all natural laws, the Law of Reciprocity (mirror) is in effect at all times and affects everyone equally – similar to the law of gravity. While it certainly applies to our words and deeds, it goes further into the unseen realm of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Nothing on the inner level of consciousness can be hidden from the great, big mirror of Life.

Let’s look at some common examples of the mirror of Life in action:

Friends. Some are true, loving, life-long. Some are new, but instantly beloved. Others are “frenemies” – those who do not have our best interests at heart and seek to undermine us.  If you place beliefs such as: “friendships are difficult to come by and people are untrustworthy” in front of the mirror of Life, then it will have no choice except to reflect back to you dishonest and difficult friendships. Conversely, if you place a belief of positive regard for yourself and others in front of the mirror of Life; combined with a trust that the Universe is always working towards your good then positive, loving friendships will be reflected back to you in experience.

Money. Everyone has a relationship with it. Once again, the Law of Reciprocity (or the mirror of Life) is responsible for how your relationship with money manifests in your life. Metaphorically speaking, if you were to stand in front of the mirror of Life and hold a sign that read, “Money is difficult to obtain, is unholy, and causes stress” then that is what Life will reflect back to you – it would have no choice in the matter.  YOU do, however, have a choice in the matter. A choice exists for you to hold a sign that reads, “Our Universe is abundant, money flows to me easily, and I feel cheerful when thinking of money.” The mirror will have no choice but to reflect an abundant life filed with positive experiences surrounding money.

Finally, we find that the reflective nature of the mirror of Life can be found in the classic Golden Rule that states, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”  For example, to act kindly towards another, but in reality harbor negative feelings toward them will reap negative feelings or circumstances in return. Conversely, kind acts done with a true inner desire to extend love or assistance; with a recognition that everyone is a worthy part of this Universe will result in others perceiving you as such.

The mirror of Life should not be feared. It should be approached with awe and Love. You are an emanation of Spirit. You are an on-purpose being in the Mind of God that has been lovingly created. You have been given the gift of free will – which means choice. No greater gift can be given – you can co-create your life with the Universe!

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