New Thought is Really Old! Quantum Physics, God, Belief and Your Life


New Thought is Really Old!

Quantum Physics, God, Belief and Your Life

By Maryann Patalano

All of the civilized cultures on this planet now believe  (due to inarguable practical and scientific evidence) that the invisible energy contained in electricity, wind, gravity and microwaves exists and can be controlled and harnessed by humans in countless ways to improve life and broaden our experiences.

Can people now believe in the invisible energy of one’s mind, consciousness, thoughts, or even the energy of Love?  Believe it or not, quantum physics has proven that additional invisible forces and laws exist in this universe and that they can be used by humans in similar ways.  Scientists are achieving stunning and profound discoveries with regard to quantum physics and are constantly discovering new truths about this universe.  Anyone who has access to the Internet can research the amazing discoveries for themselves.



With regard to quantum physics John Assaraf, Brain Researcher and CEO, PraxisNow, states the following:

“Nobel Prize winning physicists have proven beyond doubt that the physical world is one large sea of energy that flashes into and out of being in milliseconds, over and over again. Nothing is solid.  This is the world of Quantum Physics.

They have proven that thoughts are what put together and hold together this ever-changing energy field into the ‘objects’ that we see.”

 Consider these thought provoking ideas from Tam Hunt in her article entitled:  “The Anatomy Of God: The Source”:

“The ground of being has many names. In modern physics, it is the “quantum vacuum” or just the vacuum, representing pure potentiality; to Anaximander, an influential pre-Socratic philosopher it was apeiron; to Plato and Plotinus it was the One; to ancient Hindu philosophers and mystics it was Brahman; to some schools of Buddhist thought it was Adibuddha or Emptiness; to Jewish Kabbalah it was Ein Sof; for Hegel and other Idealists it was the Absolute; for Jung it was the unus mundus. And in Christian philosophy the ground of being is either the ground of being (Tillich) or agennetos (Origen). Whatever name we prefer they all refer to the same concept: the ground from which all else grows. And this is as good a definition of God as any.”

The “ground” referenced above is also known as the ZPF, or Zero-Point Field.   Science understands that every particle of energy in existence is part of an invisible infinite and eternal field.  An interesting concept to consider can be found in the article written by Peter Baksa that appeared in The Huffington Post, entitled, “The Zero Point Field:  How thoughts become matter”:


“……….collective potential of all particles everywhere with their individual zero-point energies merging into one universal zero point field. The theories and scientific research in this particular area of quantum physics lay the groundwork for attempting to explain how the mind/brain/brain waves initiate transactions in the natural; how our thoughts commingle with everything else, and cause matter to manifest in our lives. The more we look at this area, the clearer the God/science connection becomes. If thoughts equal energy and energy equals matter, than thoughts become matter. Observe your thoughts as they will manifest themselves in your life in the natural via the ZPF.”


Some people may consider the idea that thoughts or beliefs have a power or are responsible for “things” manifesting to be absurd.  Likewise, thousands of years ago the thought of man traveling to the moon was absurd.  Similarly, the functions and capabilities of a telephone, not to mention an iPhone would have been equally absurd.  But, what has mankind done?  There is nothing new in the universe – just new uses of universal properties, waiting to be discovered.  It’s all already here.   Each new “invention” or “advance” in modern technology is really just the release and uncovering of the infinite potential in an infinite intelligence, which began with a thought, belief or image in one’s own individual mind.


The aforementioned concept is not new, although there appears to be a collective new interest in it from the New Thought movement.   Many years ago, in 1938, a revised publication of a book entitled, “The Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes, was released.  It stated that there exists everywhere in the Universe a law of mind that has infinite potential and that thoughts/beliefs combined with feelings cause manifestations in one’s life.  Going back in history even further, similarly the Bible attributes the following statement to Jesus, “It is done unto you as you believe.”


It is clear, that in order to test this theory for oneself, the first thing to do would be to examine the past events and circumstances (good and bad) of one’s life and question whether or not the thoughts, beliefs and feelings one had at the time was what actually out-pictured their experience.   Many people are discovering, upon reflection, that this is the case.   This exercise requires one to be completely honest with oneself and be ready to accept responsibility for the out-picturing of one’s life.  This begs the following questions:  what beliefs have been directly established in one’s mind during childhood and teen years?   Do you notice any “repeat” patterns in your life with regard to jobs, relationships and finances?

Upon learning and viewing the effects of the law of mind, if any undesirable patterns become apparent, then one could, logically, make a decision to use this law to their advantage and change the out-picturing of one’s life to something more desirable.  For instance, a person experiencing dissatisfaction at their job could decide to believe that since infinite potential exists, it is entirely possible for them to quit an unfulfilling job and instead, do something that they are passionate about and to be respected while earning plenty of money.  New Thought principles state that by embodying and believing a change to be true, a person will see it in their experience.

Many people are reporting that the first key step to change a belief is the acceptance of the fact that God (a.k.a. universal intelligence/Spirit/Love) is everywhere present and that they are extension of it and as such, they believe that they have been imbued with its qualities and its creative ability.  They then list the qualities of God and accept those as belonging to themselves, by right of simply being born!  Some of these qualities include:  peace, love, no past, creativity, oneness/wholeness, spirit, soul and body and infinite knowledge. The third step takes place in one’s own consciousness and that is to accept the change as being done already in the mind of God.

Can it be true that the qualities of God (spirit/universal intelligence) are available to everyone?  Can it be true that God made everyone on purpose to enjoy life?  Could it be true that by right of consciousness, anything is possible for anyone?  Many people across the globe are answering these questions with a “Yes!”

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