……Consciously write as you believe God would, no matter which journaling method you choose. You will be astonished and delighted when you realize that through daily journaling in this way, your innate God-self awakens. You will begin to carry God’s viewpoint into your everyday experience. Every time you see or experience something through your God-self – the way God would see it – you are experiencing a form of enlightenment. Experiencing the overwhelming feeling of love can become addictive. You will crave this feeling and want know more about God, the loving intelligence within you.

By writing in your journal like God, you will employ positive, spirit-focused beliefs for your benefit, while at the same time benefiting everyone else on the planet! Sounds outrageous and too good to be true, but I assure you it is not. (I will explain this concept later in Chapter entitled, “The Collective Consciousness.”)

Spiritual law is irrefutable and exact. Most people will “believe it when they see it” – but this attitude effectively places a condition, limitation, and doubt on one’s experience. As a spiritual leader, I would encourage you to try a new approach – “believe it, THEN see it!” This requires faith. If you carefully contemplate these words, you will likely find that what you believe is often what you see, whether good, bad, or indifferent. Believe in good. Believe in the best. Believe in God.


You can use this method to manifest any good thing, either abstract or material: a relationship, a Maserati, or peace. By “believe it” I am not referring only to the belief that you own a Maserati. I am referring to writing a journal entry that reflects the most powerful and beneficial metaphysical beliefs that will allow these things into your experience. Here’s an example:

“In my core, I know that through God all things are possible. Because I am one with God I deserve to experience and have every good thing I can conceive of. I saw a stylish man driving a Maserati today. At first I thought – wow, he must be a snob! But then I realized that was my ego looking through the peephole again! I am finished with my negative thoughts about this situation. Instead, I got quiet for a second and realized that he’s probably a generous, loving person who demands the best in life. I thought ‘wow, what a blessing for him’. There is nothing wrong with appreciating abundance in all its forms. That Maserati is beautiful, thank you Spirit! Cars are thoughts in the mind of God and they are good. Wow, the car is so stylish and pretty and I bet it smells great too! What a magnificent creation. Thank you Spirit.” 

Notice how the statements above recognize the human ego’s smallness and triviality, and then go on to contain no lack, no envy, no false or demeaning statements. The affirmative statements are completely true spiritually and metaphysically. God is expressing through the writer’s human mind/consciousness in a truthful way they can understand. The words above are powerful and creative. Only good can come from that journal entry. The aforementioned entry is an example of journaling like God. The truth is that God sees the driver and the car with love, as magnificent creations.

Take note of how you feel after writing affirmatively and from God’s perspective. You likely feel a sense of love, truth, peace, and are open to all possibilities. You will feel God within you.


Copyright © Maryann Patalano