Power, Perception & You! Levi Kreis

Premiere episode broadcasting Tuesday June 6 @ 2pm EST on Facebook Live from the Healing Connection Network. Power, Perception & You! is based upon the spiritual ideas and concepts found in the book The Peephole Effect: Perception is Everything. Each week will bring you dynamic and interesting guests who will share their wisdom and inspirational journeys.

My first guest will be the incomparable Levi Kreis, the TONY award wining theatre and film actor and singer/song writer. Not only is he talented beyond belief, but his journey includes a spiritual path. This is sure to be a show that will inspire people around the world. And if you have not heard about Levi yet, you will be thankful that you did! For more information about Levi and his amazing new album Broadway At The Keys please visit:


Tune in June 6 @ 2pm EST https://www.healingconnectionnetwork.com/live/