Prayer on Divine Guidance

A Prayer on Divine Guidance/Wisdom


recognize that God is all there is.  There is no spot where God is not.  This loving, universal energy (or Spirit) is everywhere present; in every rock, leaf, planet or black hole in the universe – that loving energy is there!!  This energy has to be love, peace and divine wisdom.

Since this energy is everywhere present, that means that it is right where I am!  How could I possibly be excluded?!   Knowing it is everywhere present I know that my mind, my being is one with it.

It’s from this place of oneness that I realize the peace and divine wisdom is the truth of my life now.  No one and nothing can remove, block or hinder this loving energy and all it offers from my experience.  That would be impossible.  I realize that peaceful relationships are the truth of my experience.  I know that I am divinely guided each and every day.   Each decision; each experience is a divine one.  It has to be.

I am so thankful that the truth about Spirit is peace and divine wisdom and that is operating in my life now and always.  I am thankful for the love I can see and experience in and around me.  My heart is filled with gratitude for the Divine Wisdom that permeates it.  Thank you Spirit!

release these words into the Law.  Into the Law of Mind, that always says YES to Truth.