Reflections on My Conversation with Edwene Gaines, Author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

Reflections on My Conversation with Edwene Gaines, Author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance

(Blog by Maryann Patalano)

In honor of my recent conversation with Edwene Gaines, I am sharing some insights from the past as well as the present. These insights mirror my spiritual growth, which has been a constant state of expansion and revelation. There is no end to a spiritual journey; it is infinite in nature.

Many years after first encountering her book The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance, I find that it can be visited over and over again and continue to spark new understanding. This book shines as brightly today as when it was first published. It has proved to be a spiritual gem.

I first encountered Edwene’s book at a Borders store around 2006, shortly after I moved from New York to North Carolina. My daughter, was about four years old and we frequented the bookstores on the weekends. During that time, I was employed at an office job, was a single mother, owned a cute little house, and would never have imagined that 10 years later I would be the author of two books myself. Nevertheless, I came across the “metaphysical” section in the bookstore and enjoyed perusing it every weekend, often purchasing a book for the week. (Coincidently, it was during this time that I discovered Thoughts Are Things by Ernest Holmes, which ultimately would lead to my spiritual awakening.)

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity is a small yet powerful book.

The first law, according to Edwene, is to tithe. Edwene states that tithing is “giving back to God one-tenth of everything you receive.” I had also heard it explained elsewhere as giving back to whomever or wherever you receive your “spiritual food.” This seemed okay in principle; however, I was not a regular attendee at a spiritual center or church and did not possess an understanding of “spiritual food,” let alone where I could possibly get it. Huh? In addition, I experienced fear and doubt about giving: I had a scarcity mindset. However, fast-forward a few years into my spiritual practitioner license training, when I understood it. Tithing works because we live in a reciprocal universe—what we give out returns to us, many times tenfold. It is a biblical and metaphysical principle. The key, in my experience, is to give without greed or expectation—give just to give—with a knowledge that giving is good and of divine design. Know that good produces good. If you “give out” good, abundance, and love, it will return to you. That is all you have to know to trust in the act of tithing. I now know there is nothing to fear about giving.

The second law is to set clearcut goals. In 2006 my consciousness was blocked and limited. I would ask myself, “What can a secretary aspire to as a goal?” My goal at that time was to pay the bills and be a good mother. I identified my potential from an extremely limited viewpoint: my current circumstances. However, as the years passed and I studied spiritual principles of Science of Mind (NO relation to Scientology), I began to widen my consciousness, and the scope and breadth of my goals increased. I learned and accepted that my current circumstances have no input or effect on the possibilities of my future—IF I do not believe they do. This changed my life, and it continues to do so. I learned that beliefs, thoughts, and feelings are essential to setting, maintaining, and manifesting goals. Of course, this applies not only to prosperity (or money) goals. It applies to relationship, career, health, and spiritual goals. Set goals—big ones. Edwene offers wise advice indeed.

The third law is about forgiveness, which ties into belief in your self-worth. In 2006 I could not readily accept or identify with this law. In fact, I absolutely could not forgive myself for failing at marriage to my daughter’s father. I could not forgive friends, lovers, or co-workers who betrayed me along my path. As a tough New Yorker, I held grudges, which of course is unhealthy. And since we live in a reciprocal universe—guess what? Holding a grudge, or not forgiving another, comes back to you. You soon will find yourself a “victim” of being unforgiven by others. And worthiness? Edwene states “Forgiveness is a discipline and a powerful spiritual practice that will enable you to feel worthy enough to live prosperously.” I certainly could not feel or believe in my worth. No way. I perceived myself as damaged goods, the unlucky one, and not smart enough to be worthy of money or success. Everyone else was lucky to have fantastic jobs and ideal relationships, but not me. I believed everyone else deserved the best of life because they were better than me.

However, fast-forward to August 2017 and it’s a different story. True enough, I have had my struggles with relationships; however, today (literally this very day), I stand ready, willing, and able to ACCEPT the best of all relationships—loyal, loving, uplifting, and supportive relationships in every area of my life. I no longer relate to the “unlucky one,” the one who gets the bottom-of-the-barrel stuff. No, not me. I truly know, from the depths of my being and all around me, that I am a divine, worthy being. I am raised up and happy today. I do deserve to experience happy, harmonious relationships—now. (Thank you, Spirit!) Likewise, since I am a divine emanation of Spirit, that means I deserve and can claim a “job” that provides money, abundance, and success. I can do this without shame or hesitation. Because as Edwene points out, it is my divine inheritance—and it is yours, too!

The fourth law is about divine purpose. In 2006 I had no idea what a divine purpose was. I could not even begin to understand that my life had a purpose that was divine—once again, I thought that was reserved for the lucky, special people, and not me. I believed my purpose was to take care of my daughter, go to the office, and pay the bills. That was my purpose (and my goal!). Fast-forward to 2017 and I now know that my divine purpose is, like Edwene’s, to teach others about divine principles and their divine inheritance. My purpose includes striving to be a good, loving person who emanates the light of love and Spirit in this world. Do I sometimes fall short of this purpose? Yes. I am divine and yet human, and I can become fearful and cynical sometimes. However, light, love, and teaching remain my purpose and goal. I have a knowledge that Spirit blesses me with a clean slate, in the form of the “newness” of each moment, to achieve my goals. Thank you, Spirit!

And so it is.

-Maryann Patalano
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