Available Services  (Inquire for Fee)

The primary focus of practice is hosting workshops and delivering sermons. As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner I offer a variety of services, including spiritual strategy sessions, Affirmative Prayer, hosted workshops, lectures, guest sermons, ceremonies, and blessings.

It is my great pleasure to offer spiritual methods to individuals who wish to make positive changes in their lives.  I focus on implementing solutions that are based on spiritual methods for overcoming the myriad challenges life throws at us on a daily basis.  We have all been there:

  • Experiencing lack of money, friendships, love or health.
  • Hoping and praying for change.
  • Feeling desperate and unworthy.
  • Desire to get off the merry-go-round of unwanted repeat patterns in our lives.

Guess what?  There is something you can do to change all of this and the answer is within you! However, the answer may be escaping your awareness because of your limiting beliefs. Maryann’s workshops, lectures, courses and books focus on delivering the spiritual tools necessary to make changes in one’s life.

If you are interested in booking Maryann to speak at your conference, spiritual center, or as a guest on a show, please send a note to or click on the Visitor link on the upper right of this page. She welcomes the opportunity to speak to you and discuss the needs of your organization.

Guest Speaker/Sermons/Workshops

Maryann prepares and delivers speeches and sermons based upon spiritual principles or on specific topics or themes as requested by your organization. Sharing the good news – that we are a part of Spirit and co-create our lives – is her passion!

She offers both on-site and remote speaking or teaching session.  On-site requires two-week advance notice, travel expenses will be added to applicable fee.  Remote sessions are conducted via an on-line conferencing service provided by The Wellness Universe Lounge, Skype or Zoom.

Topics for Hosted Workshops, Speaking and Teaching Sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Prosperity/Abundance
  • The Peephole Effect – workshop based upon the book The Peephole Effect: Perception is Everything
  • Journal Like God – Workshop based upon the book Journal Like God – Harness the Creative Power of the Universe Through Journal Writing
  • Discover the power of Affirmative Prayer
  • Law of Mind (Universal Mind)
  • Law of Attraction
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • Big “But” – based upon the article “Get Your Big ‘But’ Out of the Way!”
  • New Thought History



“Every problem has a spiritual solution.” One-on-one meeting in which the client and Maryann meet to discuss a particular problem or situation in which a spiritual solution is discussed and sought. Many clients clients are seeking healing or expansion in such areas as health, finances, career, creativity, or relationships. As a licensed practitioner, Maryann is trained to listen to her client and assist them in uncovering their limiting beliefs. Session begins in prayer, continues to dialogue and spiritual discussion and concludes with affirmative prayer.


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