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Has On-Line Dating Been  A Joke For You!?  Has Any  Form of Dating Been a Joke?!


Do you find that any form of dating (blind dates, bar hopping, on-line apps, co-workers) ultimately ends in disappointment?


Do you hopelessly watch from the sidelines as friends, family members, and co-workers appear to meet wonderful people and proceed to have healthy, awesome relationships?  (While you are left in the dust, hoping and praying in vain for a meaningful connection.)


What is the differentiating factor between you and them? As an expert in spiritual consciousness, I am prepared to tell you. The answer is located in your very own consciousness.  As a licensed Religious Science Practitioner, author, member of the Divine Science Federation, and District President at the International New Thought Alliance, I am an expert in determining the limiting beliefs that are the root cause of unsuccessful dating lives.  I am not a dating expert. Rather, I am an expert at helping others to identify and overcome the limits of their consciousness – which is the primary and ultimate factor in the condition of their dating lives.


Join me on June 16th at 11am EST/10am CT/ 8am PST as I offer a “no holds barred” discussion about the spiritual laws that determine the condition of your dating life.  The laws and ideas I will discuss apply not only to your “love life”, but also to any area – finances, work, friendships, etc.  The laws of Spirit apply to everyone, everywhere, and to every situation.


If you want to finally meet a “match”, then you must be willing to face facts – the very facts that you created – and proceed to make definite, measurable, and actionable changes for yourself.  In essence, you must create new facts by accepting new truths, or beliefs. This workshop will assist you in making these changes and attracting whatever it is that you “say” you want.  Finally, you can join the ranks of the so-called “lucky”. It’s not luck that brings healthy, loving relationships.  It’s something else – which I will share with you.


I look forward to assisting you on your journey to love!


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