Truth Be Told – A Poem

Hi Folks:   I want to share this poem with you.   It was a spiritual download that came to me while I was studying material written by Ernest Holmes.


The Truth be Told

By Maryann Patalano


The entire Universe is God.

God is the universal loving energy which consists of

     only love, beauty, joy, peace, calm

clarity, wisdom, infinite abundance, grace,

   creativity, health and perfection….

I am a creation of this infinite energy, therefore,

   these qualities permeate my being!

           I am one with God!


The loving intelligence of the

   Universe is always for me….

     What a blessing to behold!!


           Life is perfect….always.

     What a joy to behold this fact!


     Thank you dear Love!

I release this infinite Truth into the Law

   knowing that Truth is an already established fact.

                   And so….it is.